About Us

Welcome to CMACO!

The Center for Missing and Abducted Children’s Organizations (CMACO) is a membership organization dedicated to providing support to non-profits who serve families and communities of missing, abducted and exploited children. The goal of CMACO is to provide a platform for communication and collaboration between these organizations.

What We Do

image of books and resources

Resources for Missing & Abducted Children Organizations

CMACO will be a hub for resources. The collection of resources has begun and will be available to members when the website is fully launched.

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Professional Development and Networking

Using the latest technology and social networks available, CMACO will be a hub for sharing what is working for our members, a place to find solutions for issues your agency is experiencing, and where members can share their success stories. Using webinars, virtual round tables, web-based discussion forums, and existing social networks, we are building a community of practice to support our member organizations.

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Capacity Building and Technical Assistance

Using experts in the field, our goal is to build Promising Practices for Missing and Abducted Children’s Organizations and to help our members implement the ideas that will work for their agencies through targeted technical assistance, site visits, networking opportunities, and our annual conference.