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Looking for sites on Cyber Safety?

i Sept 27

We have recently scheduled three webinars in a series on Cyber Crimes. The webinars will cover Current Trends and Issues, Cyber Security Options and Safety Strategies for Families. In addition to the great content we have coming, we thought we would share these great websites as well.

The FBI has a site that guides kids from grades 3-8 on making good decision while they are online.

Learn more on the FBI Cyber Surf Islands site.

Another site for parents, educators, law enforcement and kids is the website from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

The Child ID App

i June 19

The Child ID App is not an app designed for helping non-profits, but we thought we should share it so that our members could recommend this app in their communities and help spread the word about this resource.

From the FBI’s website:

The Child ID App, first released in August 2011 for iPhones, provides parents with an easy way to electronically store pictures and vital information about their children in case they go missing—whether it’s a toddler wandering away at the mall or a teen who has been snatched by a stranger.

Using the app, you can show pictures of your kids and provide physical identifiers such as height and weight to security or police officers on the spot. You can also quickly and easily e-mail the information to authorities with a few clicks. The app also includes tips on keeping children safe as well as specific guidance on what to do in those first few crucial hours after a child goes missing.

The app is available in both iTunes for iPhone/iPad/iPods and in on Google Play for Android mobile phones.

More information can be found on the FBI website.

Board Development

i June 11

CMACO has a webinar scheduled for July 10, “Leadership from Within: Strategically Identifying, Assessing and Training Your Board of Directors“. Our presenter for the webinar, Doug Green, shared the website with us as a resource for non-profits needing help with developing and maintaining their Board of Directors. This great website is a wealth of information, training, events, and resources for any non-profit.

Lots of Great Resources for Marketing and Non-Profits

i June 3

This great site, Non-Profit Marketing, has a wealth of information on Non-Profit Marketing for small organizations. So often, staff wear many hats and may not have marketing experience or the agency doesn’t have the budget to hire a marketing firm. If you consider yourself a Do-It-Yourself Marketer at your non-profit, this site is for you!

Nonprofit Board Basics Online

i June 3

CompassPoint Nonprofit Services is offering a Nonprofit Board Basics Online course.

This online course is perfect for new board members or potential members, or new organizations forming their first board.

Free Email Marketing for Non-Profits from Vertical Response

i April 11

Communication is an essential tool for non-profits. Emailing your partners, donors, and community groups can take a lot of time and resources away from your mission and your projects.

Vertical Response is offering Non-Profits up to 10,000 emails free every month! Other listserv companies would charge you hundreds of dollars a year to do this, and if you were to do it on your own, it could take countless hours away from your precious time.

Find out more about what Vertical Response is offering!

Software Donations for Non-Profits

i March 14

TechSoup is an online store and resource for qualified non-profits. They provide popular software solutions like Microsoft Office, image editing software like Adobe Photoshop, and even fiscal management tools from Intuit, for significant savings and sometimes for just a few dollars. Once you have signed up with TechSoup, and verified your non-profit status, you have access to their long list of venders.

Their website also contains useful webinars, tutorials, and articles about technology that organizations are implementing, and what would work best for your non-profit.

Need Help With Your Latest Media Project?

i March 12

This is a great resource for non-profits who need a little help putting together a great media project.

Here is an excerpt from the Positive Exposures website describing what they do:

Positive Exposures works with nonprofit organizations to create media content that supports their amazing work.

We match worthy organizations with individual donors, corporate contributions and grants to support media projects that will take these organizations’ communications to the next level. Positive Exposures takes the burden of telling a compelling and effective story off of a nonprofit’s shoulders, so the organization has more time to focus on what it does best.

Find out more about them and apply for support for your project.